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Out and About: Week of April 22nd

Welcome back nature lovers! There was a lot of stuff to see here at Ashland Nature Center once again. Check out these cool pictures of some cool animals that can all be found in your backyard!
Our first photo comes from teacher/naturalist Bethanie Delfunt and has not one but two animals! During a Forest and Field program for Bancroft Elementary School a red-backed salamander and a North American giant millipede were located by the students.

Thanks Bancroft Elementary for the cool critters!

Wood frogs have left the ponds! A gorgeous male wood frog was also found in the forests. He was one of the many found this past week.

Adults have left the ponds put they left many tadpoles

Our next photo comes from yours truly of a pretty big bullfrog that was found out the pond at Ashland. Bullfrogs have been out in masses this week. If you go out to marshes and ponds at night, there is a good chance that you will see bullfrogs and green frogs.

These guys are everywhere here at Ashland

And finally some quality family time. Teacher/naturalist Jeff Haas found a squirrel nest in a tree cavity down at the marsh at Ashland. We believe that there are two babies with the mother. I saw the mother head in there today so they must all be doing well.

The mother is at the top of the hole. More pictures are sure to follow as the babies grow up!

We don’t have a video this week but I’m sure that there will be something worth filming soon! Hope you enjoyed it! Austin Conley signing off. Stay Wild!

Out and About: Week of April 15th

Howdy nature lovers! Are you ready for another dose of wildlife from our DNS sites. We had a lot of interesting events happen this week including one very large event.

Our first and most adorable happening was a deer mouse that was caught in the intern house at Ashland Nature Center. He was corralled into a box by education intern Kelly Schaeffer and released out into the fields.

This guy was enjoying the warmth of the intern house

We have also been seeing a lot of cool birds. A few pairs of waterfowl have been hanging out in the marsh. Geese, mallards, and also a pair of wood ducks have all been seen multiple times. A green heron was even spotted flying around the area.

Perusing the Red Caly Creek for food

Time to Identify! Conservation Project Coordinator; Derek Stoner found a pupa that is actually moving when it is picked up! Do you think you know what it is? Comment on this post with your answer and we will tell you what it is when it hatches!

Who do you think will emerge from this?

And finally time for the big news. This Monday we had a very big visitor. A common snapping turtle was brought to us that came from a private pond. He had to be removed from it because he was eating the geese!

That is a yard stick that he is laying next to...

His shell was 16 inches long by 13 inches wide and he weighed in at 25 pounds!

He was not a big fan of having his picture taken

After he was measured and recorded by Associate Director for Land and Biodiversity Management; Jim White, the Snapper was released into the Red Clay Creek so he can find a new home. Check out this video of the big guy’s release.

There’s your scoop on another great week. I hope you all enjoyed the post. Be sure to send us things that you have seen around. Herp Room Animal of the Month will continue in May, so stay tuned. Check in new week to see what else is happening! Until then, this is Austin Conley saying… Stay Wild!

Back and Kicking in the Spring!

Hey all you nature lovers! It has been a while since our last post because of the crazy amount of people that have been coming to our DNS sites. But we are back and ready to kick it into high gear! From now on, there will be at least one post a week towards the end of the week about what is happening in nature. Herp Room Animal of the Month will also begin again starting with the video for the American Alligator next week. We will also be posting more information about our school programs and our upcoming members programs. It’s going to get exciting here and we are going to kick it off with this post!

First things first; Spring has exploded! Groundhogs have appeared, along with spring peepers, toads and pickerel frogs. We have also seen a ton of northern brown snakes.

One of three northern brown snakes caught in two days. This one was spotted by teacher/naturalist Cassie Kane.

Many different wildflowers are out as well like spring beauty and trout lilies.

Spring wildflowers are bringing all kinds of insects. This wasp is really enjoying the spring beauties!

And we can’t forget about the birds! Phoebes and also both tree and barn swallows have all been sighted. We also have a great picture taken by Victoria D’Ascenzo, a student from the Star Cyber School! During their visit to Ashland, she took this picture of a tree swallow while participating in our Nature Photography program.

Thanks Victoria for this great tree swallow picture!

Finally, last but not least… the wood frog eggs have hatched!! Thanks to a fancy underwater camera, we were able to get a close-up look att these tadpoles as well as a red spotted newt that were all found in our marsh here at Ashland.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff and there is going to be so much more! Keep checking the blog out for updates. Remember, we are posting at least once a week from now on! Until then my fellow nature lovers… Stay Wild!