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Out and About: Week of April 27

Hey nature lovers! I hope you’re ready for another exciting round-up of the week, because it’s coming at you quick! We almost need two posts for this week.

Our first two photos comes to us from teacher/naturalist Bethanie Delfunt. They were both taken during programs with Penn London Elementary School. The first is of two different species of dragonfly niaids (babies). It is really cool to get two compare two dragonflies in their larval state. The second picture with Penn London is of an adorable baby snapping turtle. He looks a bit different from the 25 pound goliath that we saw a couple weeks ago (see: Out and About: Week of April 15).

They certainly don't look much an adult dragonfly!

They are so cute until they get big enough to take off a finger

Our next photo is from a guide training at Flint Woods Preserve. Migrant birds are coming in full force right now and this is a shot of a common yellowthroat; a type of warbler that comes back to the area this time of the year.

Check out his black mask

Thanks to Greenwood Elementary School, I was able to get this cool photo. Leafcutter bees were taking shelter under a cherry tree during a morning rain. We were there to do an On School Grounds program for their first graders. They have an awesome nature trail!

There were about thirty bees hiding under this tree

Our last photo was actually taken about an hour and a half before this post! Steve Jonas caught this cool milk snake when he was doing land maintenance on the grounds. It was not very happy to be caught; in fact; it bit him!

This snake had a real attitude!

It had such gorgeous coloration

Whew! I am out of breath! That’s it for this week but The May Herp Room Animal of the Month will be up by this weekend! Keep checking in. Until then this is Austin Conley saying…Stay Wild!

Program Spotlight: Nature Photography

Hey nature lovers! Have you ever wanted to know more about our programs at DNS? We are starting a recurring post called Program Spotlight. These posts will tell you all about some of our most popular programs and include pictures and sometimes videos, some of them will contributed by the participants themselves. Our first Program Spotlight will be on a program that has a lot of participation; Nature Photography!

DEEC Nature Photography Day Camp participants. From left to right; Zoe Skibicki, Devin Jiang, and Reuben Busick-White

Julian Wahl getting a close-up of some sumac

Katie Skibicki taking pictures at Hoots Hollow

Stella Hostin is looking for something in the rocks to take a shot of

Nature Photography is all about going out and enjoying nature. Students are given cameras to take photos of the great outdoors that they then print at the end of the program. DNS Staff show kids techniques such as the rule of thirds and framing to help take more impactful pictures. Students get to go to many different habitats to find interesting pieces of nature to practice these techniques and take the photos they will take home. The photos above are from participants in the Nature Photography Day Camp at the DuPont Environmental Education Center.

Julian Wahl used the macro setting to take this great close-up pic of a ladybird beetle

Katie Skibicki’s favorite photo was this one that she took of an eastern red bud in the gardens

Stella Hostin spotted a yellow jacket working on a new nest.

Zoe Skibicki Takes a nice landscape shot of the Christina River and the Riverfront

Reubin Busick-White took a nice aerial view of the garden at Hoot’s Hollow.

Devin Jiang really liked the live animal collection. His favorite photo was this one of the common snapping turtle.

Nature Photography programs are offered at four DNS sites; Abbott’s Mill, Ashland, Coverdale Farm and DEEC. Nature Photography programs are available for schools, scouts, DNS members, the general public, and also as summer camps! If you are interested, check out when we are offering these programs on our calendar or on our main website ( We hope to see you at these programs and more! Until then, this is Austin Conley saying, Stay Wild!