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Introducing Anna and Carrie and Their Favorite Herp Room Friends!

Hellooooooo fellow nature lovers! We are the Environmental Education Interns for 2012-2013 – Carrie Scheick and Anna Lounsbury. We are so delighted that you have found the Delaware Nature Society’s nature blog for kids! Here’s the place you can “Ask a Naturalist” any nature questions you have, stay updated on current nature events, and check out our “Program Spotlight” to see what kids like you have been up to when they visit our sites!

We will be updating the blog from now on and just wanted to give you a quick introduction of who we are. We’re going to spice it up a little by also introducing you to our favorite Ashland Herp Room friends! We thought we would ask ourselves questions that our reptile friends could also answer (we know they can’t talk, so we had to imagine what they would say!)


This is Anna and her favorite animal – the Leopard Gecko!

This is Carrie and her favorite animal – the Yellow-footed Tortoise!

Let’s get to know the interns!

Q: What is your favorite food?

Carrie: Ice cream! I eat a lot of junk food…

Anna: Pizza! Especially dipping the crust in garlic sauce, yum, yum!

Q: If you had to pick a favorite spot at Ashland Nature Center, where would it be?

Carrie: The top of the Succession Trail in the woods. It has a great view and is such a peaceful place! I like to sit on the bench along the trail and just look and listen to the nature around me.

Anna: The old Sycamore tree on the Floodplain Trail. I have always loved climbing trees and that tree is absolutely perfect for sitting in and reading a book or looking for birds!

Q: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Carrie: I love backpacking! It’s very rewarding to know I’ve hiked for miles in the woods surviving with only what I can carry on my back!

Anna: I love to kayak! While moving slowly down the river, you can see Great Blue Herons and Kingfishers, as well as large fish.  Plus it’s great exercise and going down rapids is exciting!


Anna’s favorite Herp Room friend is the Leopard Gecko.

This is Ashland’s Leopard Gecko!

Did you know that leopard geckos live all the way on the other side of the world in India and that their tail can grow back if it falls off? Wild!


Carrie’s favorite Herp Room friend is the Yellow-footed Tortoise, affectionately named Speedbump, who was once a pet and was donated to Ashland Nature Center.

This is Ashland’s Yellow-footed Tortoise – Speedbump!

Did you know that yellow-footed tortoises live in the rainforest of South America and live to be 50 – 60 years old? Pretty cool stuff!


Now let’s get to know the reptiles!

Q: What is your favorite food?

Yellow-footed Tortoise: I’m an omnivore! I like to eat salads – full of lettuce, fruits (especially strawberries!), and vegetables. But I also like an occasional worm!

Leopard Gecko: I’m a carnivore! I only eat crickets and mealworms.  I get so excited to eat them that I shake my tail like a cat before I pounce on my prey!

Q: If you had to pick a favorite spot at Ashland Nature Center, where would it be?

Yellow-footed Tortoise: I like the front lawn next to the picnic tables! There are a lot of greens for me to eat!

Leopard Gecko: I really like the geology floodplain. There’s lots of sand and it gets a lot of sun, which I love because I’m from the desert!

Q: What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Yellow-footed Tortoise: I like going on long walks, like Carrie, but instead of carrying a backpack, I carry my shell. I carry my home with me everywhere I go!

Leopard Gecko: Well, I don’t like kayaking like Anna does because I hate the water. But I would go rock climbing at night because I am nocturnal. I’m a great climber, I can climb up vertical surfaces!


Thanks for getting to know us and our reptilian friends! Be sure to often check back to see what other fun things have been happening at the Delaware Nature Society!