Monthly Archives: December 2013

First Snow!

By Hannah Greenberg

Good Day Nature Lovers!

Did you notice that it snowed last night? I bet you did! Many of you may have even gotten a snow day from our unexpected snow storm. I hope you got a chance to play in the snow like Kim and I did! This morning the two of us took a lovely hike through Ashland before any people had disturbed the snow. However, we saw signs that some native critters had been out and about!

Look at the beautiful undisturbed snow! Photo by Hannah Greenberg

As we walked along, we carefully looked for different animal tracks. We saw an assortment of deer tracks on the climb up Sledding Hill, and we even spotted a deer run up the hill! It was a beautiful sight to see the deer against the calm, white landscape.

So many different tracks! Photo by Hannah Greenberg

If you see this, a deer was here! Photo by Hannah Greenberg

Once we made it all the way up sledding hill, we took some time to appreciate our new vantage point. The snow really does make everything look prettier! I hope some of you make your way up the hill to sled; it has its name for a good reason!

View from the top of the hill. Photo by Hannah Greenberg

We kept a close eye out for different tracks as we hiked along- the deer seemed to be everywhere. But, we finally came across something new! What other animals do you think would have been out in the snow?

What could have made these tracks? Photo by Hannah Greenberg

If you guessed the tracks came from a rabbit, you are correct! Good job! Next time it snows, maybe even tomorrow, take a look outside to find some cool animal tracks! Make sure to bundle up, it gets pretty chilly out there!

Until next time nature lovers!