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Spring Peeping!

By Rebecca Wadman:

It’s frog season! Frogs are extremely vocal amphibians who use loud songs to attract a mate. Some of the common frogs at Ashland Nature Center are Spring Peepers, Wood Frogs, Green Frogs, Bullfrogs, Pickerel Frogs, and American toads.  The Wood Frogs have already laid their eggs.  Spring Peepers and American Toads are calling now.  Pickerel Frogs will come out soon, and after that, we’ll begin to hear Green Frogs and Bullfrogs.

For most of the winter, these frogs have been hibernating in the ponds and forests to escape the freezing temperatures and the lack of food. Some of the frog species in this area even freeze during the winter, and thaw out again in the spring!

A handful of Wood Frogs looking for a mate.  Photo by Joe Sebastiani

A handful of Wood Frogs looking for a mate. Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Spring Peepers and American Toads are coming out of the woods, and gathering in ponds and marshes around Ashland to find mates and lay eggs. Males will call loudly to try and attract females. Some of the songs are louder than household fire alarms, and can be heard over half a mile away!  Sitting among a chorus of Spring Peepers can be painful to your ears.  Come find out for yourself!  Stop by Ashland Nature Center and take a walk around the marsh to see what you can find.

Come join us for the Frog Festival from 2:00-4:00pm on April 11th and go wandering around in the marsh looking for some of our fantastic local amphibians! Register at or by calling 302-239-2334.  $5 per person.