Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Camp!

By: Annalie Mallon

Hey there nature lovers! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer and is looking forward to the start of another school year!

Here at the Delaware Nature Society we have just finished up with TEN WHOLE WEEKS of summer camps! Between June 13 and August 19, Ashland Nature Center, Coverdale Farm Preserve, Dupont Environmental Education Center, and Abbott’s Mill Nature Center had a whole summer filled with 131 camps of outdoor fun and adventures. There was hiking, kayaking, getting muddy, building forts, catching bugs, making crafts, casting spells, playing in streams, caring for animals, and so much more!

Below are a few of my favorite highlights from the camps I was lucky enough to help out with for these past ten weeks – Enjoy!

Fun with Fishing: We visited the ponds at Coverdale Farm Preserve, Lums Pond State Park, Papermill Park, Becks Pond, Carousel Park and more! There were a lot of tangled lines and hooks in my fingers, but we caught SO MANY FISH!


Fishing At Coverdale Pond, June 2016

Kayak Club: We practiced our skills and kayaked in places like the Octorara Reservoir, Dragon’s Run Marsh, and the Brandywine River! My favorite part of the week was kayaking through the marsh and then stopping for Ice Cream in Delaware City 😀


Kayaking at Dragon Run Marsh, June 2016

Outdoor Adventures and Videography: We spent the week fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, and doing archery to get some AWESOME pictures and video footage that was later used to create action films!


Campers take on the Delaware Rock Gym, June 2016

Wizards and Lizards: One of my favorite camps this summer (mainly because I’m secretly a huge Harry Potter nerd), I got the chance to teach Caring for Creatures Class and introduce campers to a variety of animals – both magical and real! I also enjoyed watching the Quidditch matches and was very happy to cheer on Gryffindor as their head of house!


Wizards and Lizards campers learn about serpents, July 2016

Ashland Safari: For the last week of summer camp I led a group of 5 and 6 year old campers on a safari around Ashland Nature Center. We learned about reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects and then explored different habitats to find them all!


Ashland Safari campers searching for Insects in the Meadow, August 2016

It was a very fun filled but tiring summer! I enjoyed going on so many adventures and getting the chance to meet so many awesome campers, counselors, interns and instructors.

If you haven’t already, check out our camp facebook page with a parent or guardian for more pictures and camp stories!

Were you involved in any of our summer camps? If so, what were your favorites??? Comment below to share your memories and experiences with us!



Annalie caught a fish, June 2016


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