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Meet the New Intern!

Hey Nature Lovers!

Now that school is back in full swing I think it’s time for me to introduce myself. My name is Erynn DeGennaro and I am the new education intern at Ashland for the 2016-2017 year! I’m very excited that I get to post on the Kids Nature Blog. The Kids Nature Blog is your place to “Ask a naturalist” any nature questions you have, stay up to date on current nature events, and see all the cool things kids like you have been up to at our sites! Be sure to check out our “Program Spotlight” to see how you can get involved too!


Video by Annalie Mallon. Grab your binoculars and look out for more blog posts by Erynn!

My favorite time of the year has started! Fall started on September 22nd, and some exciting signs of Fall have already started to show. Here are just a few of my favorite things about Fall.

Fall Favorite #1:

Did you know that every year thousands of hawks leave their breeding grounds in the north to fly south in search of warmer weather? During the Fall you may have noticed lots of hawks flying over your house. This is called the Fall migration. Along the East Coast there are a few sites dedicated to counting all the hawks that participate in this raptor run. We are lucky to have one of these sites right here at Ashland Nature Center! Every Fall, Hawk Watch Hill transforms into a bird watching extravaganza. I love walking up to see all the excitement surrounding our big feathered friends!


Photo by Erynn DeGennaro. Hawk Watch Intern, Hannah Greenberg looks through the scope on a beautiful fall day.


Fall Favorite #2

Birds aren’t the only animals that migrate during the fall. My favorite insect does too! Monarch Butterflies are the only butterflies that migrate like birds do. How neat is that? Since Monarchs can’t overwinter like other insects they move south towards Southern California and Mexico. In the early fall I love going out and seeing if I can spot a Monarch around Ashland.


Photo by Annalie Mallon. A Monarch butterfly hangs out on a flower in the sunlight.

Fall Favorite #3

One of my favorite things about Ashland in the fall is all of the colors that appear. During the fall you can see Ashland turn from green to orange, red, brown, and yellow. The leaves aren’t the only things changing though. Goldenrod’s sunny yellow is common to see during hikes through the meadow. I love Goldenrod because not only is it pretty, its useful too! Goldenrod is often used for medicine!


Photo by Erynn DeGennaro. The bright yellow flowers on Goldenrod stand out among a sea of brown and green.


Tell us about your favorite things about Fall in the comments!