Spring has Sprung!

By: Annalie Mallon

Happy Friday!

How is everyone enjoying this lovely April weather? I know I am! April happens to be my favorite month (not just because it is my birthday month), but because the cold of winter finally disappears and warm sunny spring days return. Along with a number of friendly spring time faces! Read on to discover some of my favorite signs of spring.

1. Spring flowers

I LOVE wildflowers. There’s something I find really special about a little plants ability to pop up in a random field with no prior love or care.

Spring Beauties by Annalie


My favorite little wildflowers are Spring Beauties (pictured left). Spring Beauties are super awesome because they can grow and survive in places where other wildflowers usually cannot! Habitats that may have been harmed from animals like deer eating too many plants are perfect places for these little guys to grow. They also have edible roots that are like tiny potatoes, and who doesn’t love a good potato?!

Virgina Bluebells by Annalie








Another favorite spring bloomer of mine are the Virginia Bluebells (left). The color of these flowers is gorgeous and butterflies love their nectar! Check out the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly I saw getting a sweet snack from the garden the other day.





Flowering trees are also beautiful in the springtime. Below are two native flowering trees that produce very different but lovely flowers that insects, birds, and mammals love to eat.





Flowering Dogwood 














Eastern Redbud 






2. Farm Babies 

Who doesn’t love baby animals? Especially ones you can find at the farm. Our Coverdale Farm Preserve babies were born over the past few weeks, and needless to say, they are TOO CUTE.


Mama pig gave birth to 11 little piglets the first week of April and they love piggy snuggles!









Three little lambs have also appeared in the sheep pasture!


3. Spring Amphibians 

Spring = amphibian party time. Frogs and toads that were hibernating all winter long love this warm weather even more than I do. The first ones to arrive are the Wood Frogs, and they let us know they are here with their loud calls that sound similar to ducks quacking! They find a small pond to mate and lay their eggs and then hop back into the woods. Check out this video of them calling in the small pond behind the nature center. Don’t they sound funny?

A couple weeks ago some Toads came to join the spring party too! They hopped out of hibernation and laid a TON of eggs down in our marsh. A marsh is a big wetland full of plants that are perfect for toad tadpoles to eat and hide from other hungry critters.

Look at these squirmy toad tadpoles!

Toad Tadpoles by Annalie

Keep your eyes peeled for some of these signs of spring near your own house or neighborhood!

If you and your family would like to come celebrate spring with us here at Delaware Nature Society, join us on Earth Day, Saturday, April 22 from 11am – 2pm for a day full of nature walks, crafts, activities and Earth day fun! Check out our website for more details and feel free to stop on by!

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