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By Rebecca Wadman, Education Intern

Spring Beauty - Photo by Dave Pro

Spring Beauty – Photo by Dave Pro

Spring is absolutely full of flowers! As the temperatures warm up and the sunshine gets longer, plants start putting out their leaves and flowers. Spring Beauty flowers are one of my favorite, and they’re blooming everywhere here.

There are many fantastic flowers here at Ashland! Here are just a few of the ones blooming right now.

Common Blue Violet - Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Common Blue Violet – Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Common blue violet is native to North America. Native Americans and early European settlers used it to treat colds and sore throats, and ate the leaves and flowers as food. It comes in many different colors and patterns, ranging from dark purple to white, and solid colored, striped, or even speckled!

Cutleaf toothwort - Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Cutleaf toothwort – Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Cutleaf toothwort is another pretty native wildflower. It lives in places that were never used for fields or houses, and only has leaves and flowers in the spring. The “toothwort” part of the name comes from the root, which looks a little bit like it’s growing teeth, and “wort” which is an old English word for plant.

Bloodroot - Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Bloodroot – Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Bloodroot is a native wildflower with a distinctive, bright red sap.It’s rare, so keep a careful eye out on Treetop Trail at Ashland if you want a chance to see some!  They have finished blooming now, but look for their strange “hand-like” leaves with an upright, pointy seedpod.

Speedbump loves to eat dandelions! - Photo by Rebecca Wadman

Speedbump our captive Yellow-footed Tortoise loves to eat dandelions! – Photo by Rebecca Wadman

Dandelions might be a weed in your yard, but people and animals alike eat them for food. Goldfinches love to feast on Dandelions, and all of our captive education turtles really seem to enjoy them!

Come out out to Ashland on the weekend and join us for a free nature walk with one of our naturalists at 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday! No registration is necessary and these walks are free.  Right now, there are flowers blooming everywhere, and the ponds and marsh are full of frogs and tadpoles!

Back and Kicking in the Spring!

Hey all you nature lovers! It has been a while since our last post because of the crazy amount of people that have been coming to our DNS sites. But we are back and ready to kick it into high gear! From now on, there will be at least one post a week towards the end of the week about what is happening in nature. Herp Room Animal of the Month will also begin again starting with the video for the American Alligator next week. We will also be posting more information about our school programs and our upcoming members programs. It’s going to get exciting here and we are going to kick it off with this post!

First things first; Spring has exploded! Groundhogs have appeared, along with spring peepers, toads and pickerel frogs. We have also seen a ton of northern brown snakes.

One of three northern brown snakes caught in two days. This one was spotted by teacher/naturalist Cassie Kane.

Many different wildflowers are out as well like spring beauty and trout lilies.

Spring wildflowers are bringing all kinds of insects. This wasp is really enjoying the spring beauties!

And we can’t forget about the birds! Phoebes and also both tree and barn swallows have all been sighted. We also have a great picture taken by Victoria D’Ascenzo, a student from the Star Cyber School! During their visit to Ashland, she took this picture of a tree swallow while participating in our Nature Photography program.

Thanks Victoria for this great tree swallow picture!

Finally, last but not least… the wood frog eggs have hatched!! Thanks to a fancy underwater camera, we were able to get a close-up look att these tadpoles as well as a red spotted newt that were all found in our marsh here at Ashland.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff and there is going to be so much more! Keep checking the blog out for updates. Remember, we are posting at least once a week from now on! Until then my fellow nature lovers… Stay Wild!

Signs of Spring!

Welcome back nature lovers! It’s been getting rather warm here and there are many new signs of spring that came out this week.

Snowdrops were the first to show up.

Skunk cabbage is now starting to bloom and it is getting ready to smell!

Wood frogs are here!!! You can see there swarms in vernal pools and fresh water marshes. A definite must-see of the spring.

Make sure you check in next week to see what new signs of spring will emerge. Until then nature lovers, Stay Wild!

Signs of Spring!

Calling all nature lovers! It’s that time of the year! Days are getting longer, birds are starting to sing, and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is in the air and our wild world is waking up. We want you to keep a look out for who is waking up right now. Go out in to your backyard and look for signs of spring. There are 20 different plants and animals that we are looking for to tell us that winter is over.
Wood Frog egg mass
Spring Peeper
American Toad
Pickerel Frog
Garter Snake
Water Snake
Snapping Turtle
Anglewing Butterfly
Eastern Phoebe
Tree Swallow
Barn Swallow
House Wren
Robin building nest
Snowdrops blooming
Skunk Cabbage blooming
Bloodroot blooming
Spring Beauty blooming
Trout Lily blooming
Violet blooming

Send us pictures, tell us stories and we will put them up on the blog every week until we have found them all! Send your stuff to austin@delawarenaturesociety.org and we will get it up. So get out there and find some signs of spring, and remember, as always, Stay Wild!