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Spring Peeping!

By Rebecca Wadman:

It’s frog season! Frogs are extremely vocal amphibians who use loud songs to attract a mate. Some of the common frogs at Ashland Nature Center are Spring Peepers, Wood Frogs, Green Frogs, Bullfrogs, Pickerel Frogs, and American toads.  The Wood Frogs have already laid their eggs.  Spring Peepers and American Toads are calling now.  Pickerel Frogs will come out soon, and after that, we’ll begin to hear Green Frogs and Bullfrogs.

For most of the winter, these frogs have been hibernating in the ponds and forests to escape the freezing temperatures and the lack of food. Some of the frog species in this area even freeze during the winter, and thaw out again in the spring!

A handful of Wood Frogs looking for a mate.  Photo by Joe Sebastiani

A handful of Wood Frogs looking for a mate. Photo by Joe Sebastiani

Spring Peepers and American Toads are coming out of the woods, and gathering in ponds and marshes around Ashland to find mates and lay eggs. Males will call loudly to try and attract females. Some of the songs are louder than household fire alarms, and can be heard over half a mile away!  Sitting among a chorus of Spring Peepers can be painful to your ears.  Come find out for yourself!  Stop by Ashland Nature Center and take a walk around the marsh to see what you can find.

Come join us for the Frog Festival from 2:00-4:00pm on April 11th and go wandering around in the marsh looking for some of our fantastic local amphibians! Register at www.delnature.org or by calling 302-239-2334.  $5 per person.

Ready for Their Close-Up

Hey kids! I’ve got a fun activity for you to spice up your February. I work with some pretty cool animals on a daily basis and I wanted to share them with you! At this time of year these animals would be hibernating in the wild but not these guys. They were awake and ready for their close-ups when one of our Teacher Naturalists, Jeff Haas, pointed his camera at them.

Ready for the activity? Here’s what you’ve got to do. There are four different animals listed below: Animal #1 through #4. There are 2-3 close-up pictures of each animal and a short quiz following each set of pictures. It’s up to you to figure out what animal it is by looking at the pictures and then see if you can answer the questions in the quiz! At the end of the quiz the animal reveals himself so you can see if your guess was correct! Good luck!


Animal #1:

Animal #1

This animal looks pretty slippery if you ask me…

What is that big circle?

Is that a foot?

Your Score:  

Your Ranking:  

One down, three to go!


Animal #2:

Have you seen anything that looks like this before?

What body part(s) are visible in this picture? (You’ll need to know for the Animal #2 quiz!)

Hint: There are 3 of this animal in this picture!

Your Score:  

Your Ranking:  

Halfway there!


Animal #3

What body part is this?

High five!

Oh my, what big poison glands you have…

Your Score:  

Your Ranking:  

Last one!


Animal #4

What a beautiful color, don’t you agree?

This shot is so cool, it’s one of my favorites!

Your Score:  

Your Ranking:  

All done? Great job!

A big shout out and thank you to Jeff Haas for taking all these pictures of our animals with his fancy camera! Weren’t they awesome? Jeff took pictures of some more of our animals and I couldn’t help but share the rest of them with you because they are really cool pictures! Here’s a list of the animals that are pictured below (not in order): Whites Tree Frog, Boa Constrictor, American Alligator, Sudan-plated Lizard, Green Frog, Alligator Snapping Turtle, American Millipede, Yellow-footed Tortoise, Rose-haired Tarantula, Black Ratsnake, and Western Swift.

Check out the pictures and comment below if you know what animals they are. I gave you some hints!

Whose ear is this?

That’s a lot of legs…

This Ashland favorite is a tough backpacker!

This animal has the most beautiful scales.

This little lizard is pretty swift!

Check out the toes on this guy, they come in handy climbing trees!

What kind of reptile shed this?

Who is this hairy lady?

Check out that smile…

This guy is a great tree climber.

Are you green with envy for this guy’s colors?

Wow, whose mouth is this?


If you enjoyed this activity keep reading the Kids Nature Blog for more nature fun like this!

Summer Lovin’

The groundhog may be hibernating, but we sure are not! We are ready for the  Delaware Nature Society’s Summer Camps to begin!

Groundhog is ready for Summer Camp

Even the groundhog is excited about Summer Camp!


If you like hiking, catching frogs or butterflies, canoeing and kayaking, crafts, birding…

It's a bird...

It’s a bird…it’s a raptor…it’s Summer Camp 2013!

…cooking,  fishing, geology, building forts, archery, or just the general thrill of being outside in nature, don’t wait to sign up!


Tell your parents to mark their calendars, because Summer Camp registration starts this Friday!

February 1-14: DNS members with Household Plus level or higher

February 15-28: All other current DNS members with a Household membership.

March 1: Non-Member registration begins


Be sure to check out our website www.delawarenaturesociety.org to see our awesome list of Summer Camp programs!


We’re ready to get our Summer Camp on, are you!?